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Why hard money lending?

Many people in Florida and around the country are having trouble finding conventional mortgages.   Because of the mortgage crisis, most large financial institutions and banks have made the mortgage application process very difficult and time consuming for potential borrowers.  Consumers can be denied conventional mortgages because they are self-employed, having poor credit or personal foreclosure history, and current mortgage delinquency.  However, you can still likely achieve your goal of purchasing a house or other types of property through obtaining a hard money loan.

What is hard money lending?

Private companies, like Florida Private Lenders, issue hard money loans to people unable to secure conventional mortgages.  The duration or length of the loan is typically shorter than a conventional mortgage, but the interest rates can be higher depending on the circumstances.  Typically, the hard money lender lends between 60-70% of the property value and the borrower makes a down payment for the remaining 20-30%.  The LTV (loan to value) is lower than conventional mortgage, which provides security for the lender in the chance of a default.

Who qualifies for our hard money lending solution? 

Hard money lending is extremely beneficial and timely for people who may not qualify for traditional financing. While every situation is different, hard money borrowers typically share the following:  the borrower is unable to obtain a conventional mortgage, but is still able to make a down payment towards the purchase price of the property.

Start the hard money lending process now!

Florida Private Lenders understands our hard money lending service may not be the service for you.  But, if you are interested in learning more about hard money lending, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out filling out a pre-approval mortgage form and one of our hard money lending consultants will contact you to better understand your situation.  Or you can call us toll free at (1-940-LEND-TO-U) and we can begin formulating a plan together right away.  If Private Money Lenders isn’t right for you, we will be happy to point you in the right direction.