About Us

Florida Private Lenders is a Florida lender committed to providing simple, mortgage and financing solutions for its customers.  We work with our clients to deliver a comprehensive, hard money funding solution specific to their situation.  Florida Private Lenders is an extremely well capitalized institution, allowing us to deliver a timely, low cost funding solution.

Florida Private Lenders is led by seasoned professionals that have over 20 years of real estate experience in the state of Florida.  As part of our solution, all of our clients will work with hard money lending experts and leading real estate attorneys.  We pride ourselves on actively engaging our customers in order to help them achieve the cheapest, fastest, and most comprehensive solutions for their needs.

Our expertise in the real estate space, particularly in Florida is what differentiates us from other hard money lenders.  Florida Private Lenders understands Florida real estate and is able to assess property values as fast as anyone in the mortgage and hard money lending industry.  Also, our real estate attorneys have closed hundreds of transactions in Florida and are experts in navigating Florida real estate law.  Our fully staffed team is dedicated to helping serving you with your hard money lending needs!

The easiest way to get started is by filling out your pre-approval form or contacting us via email.  If you want to speak with one of our hard money lending experts, call us now at (1 940-LEND-TO-U).